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Can't decide on a flavor? Want to try them all? Then, our sampler is the perfect choice for you. Get a mix of sweet and tangy freeze dried treats and discover your favorite flavors.

Crunchy Bear Bites

Chances are good that you've enjoyed a bag (or two) of gummy bears in your lifetime. But have you enjoyed them as crunchy bites? Our freeze dried gummy bears are pure fun with all the flavor you know in a new adventure in texture. Gentle on your teeth.

Peanut Choco Bites

Try everyone's favorite chocolate bar filled with nougat, caramel, and peanuts with a twist. Our freeze dried SNICKERS® bites deliver that classic savory taste with a satisfying crunch. Gentle on your teeth.


Enjoy as a nutrient-rich snack, add to your breakfast cereal, or add to a farm fresh salad. Our freeze dried strawberries are light and intensely flavored, and maintain an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

Choco Bites

Enjoy a new take on the classic multicolored hardshell chocolate candy. Our freeze dried M&M® candies are exploding with crunchy chocolatey goodness.

Rainbow Bites

Taste the rainbow like never before with a twist on the classic multicolored fruit-flavored hardshell candy. SKITTLES® flavors are transformed into light and crunchy fruity goodness. Small 2 oz Large 4 oz

Peach Rings

Experience the bright, fresh flavors of gummy peach rings like never before. The intense flavors of sweet and sour collide when we transform this classic gummy ring flavor into crunchy, freeze dried fun in every bite.

Left/Right Bites

There is no choosing sides when you bite into the savory goodness of this classic caramel shortbread chocolate bar. Our freeze dried TWIX® minis are bursting with crunchy chocolatey goodness.

Watermelon Rings

Experience the bright, refreshing flavors of gummy watermelon rings like never before. The intense flavors of sweet and sour collide when we transform this classic gummy ring flavor into crunchy, freeze dried fun in every bite.

Jolly Bites

Our freeze dried JOLLY RANCHER™ hard candies in all the classic flavors are a sweet, tart, and fiery treat that delivers intense flavor that packs a crunch. These treats are sure to put a smile on your face. Gentle on your teeth.

Ice Cream

Freeze dried ice cream is known by many names like astronaut ice cream or space ice cream. No matter what you call it, it is always super fun and delicious to enjoy. We offer an assortment of flavors including cotton candy, cookies and cream, rocky road, and much more.

Dinosaur Eggs

Are you ready for a sweet explosion of dinosaur-sized sugary goodness? Made with NERDS® gummy clusters, this freeze dried treat is airy and crunchy to create a unique and enjoyable texture.

Berry Rainbow Bites

Enjoy the untamed flavors of our Rainbow Bites using Wild Berry SKITTLES® in a fun, new way as we transform the classic multicolored hardshell candy into light and crunchy berry goodness. Small 2 oz Large 4 oz

Green Apple Gummy Bears

Enjoy the classic flavors of gummy bears in a fun, new way. We transform the sweet and tart flavors of green apple gummy bears into crunchy, irresistible bites.

Cotton Candy Salt Water Taffy

What brings back sweet summertime memories more than cotton candy and salt water taffy? When you bite into our crunchy freeze dried salt water taffy you'll create new memories in a fun, new, and unexpected way. Gentle on your teeth.

Sugar-Free Crunchy Bear Bites

Our delicious gummy bears are freeze dried to perfection and transformed into delicious, crunchy, fruity bites. Enjoy an explosion of fun and sweetness without the added sugar. Now that's "beary" cool!

Sugar Free Caramel Puffs

This is not your grandparents' caramel hard candy. Enjoy the rich flavor of Werther's Original™ that packs a light salty crunch that is gentle on your teeth. All that and sugar free too!!

Filled Fruity Rolls

Indescribable explosion of yummy taste. You can’t get enough of these rolls stuffed with gummy worms, cotton candy saltwater taffy and dinosaur eggs.