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We were a typical busy family with kids who were involved in sports and acting. Running back and forth to hitting lessons, singing lessons, surfing lessons, and church activities, to name a few. 

I always tried to prepare healthy meals and snacks like salads, fruits, and veggies. I even tried juicing, but I was pretty much the only one who liked it. One of our kids would even hide when they heard the juicer turn on. We always started with good intentions, but by the end of the week we found ourselves throwing away unused food, bags of lettuce, old grapes, and fresh herbs like cilantro.

That's when I discovered freeze drying.

It was a good way to keep healthy food around and not worry about throwing it away if we didn’t get to it in time. We started by freeze drying apples and strawberries. They were so delicious! We would snack on them while watching movies instead of popcorn.

I also liked to experiment with desserts and new creations. One day, I experimented with freeze drying candy and we were blown away. It just dissolved in our mouths. It was crunchy, light, and intense in flavor. 

We started selling at local farmer’s markets. Everyone who tried our freeze dried treats, loved them. Our business started to take off! 

We loved seeing the smiles and surprised reactions of both children and adults when they tried our products for the first time.
Sometimes people would buy a sampler and walk off, only to come back multiple times during the night for more. We also started to see families come back week after week and tell us they have been waiting to come back all week because the candy was so good and better than anything else they’ve tried.

Some of our happiest customers are those who have braces, sensitive teeth, and other eating challenges. They finally found candy they could eat and enjoy too! 

We are thankful and very blessed that we can give back to our community that has supported us and given us so much through the years. 

Philippians 4:13 <><
Probably my new favorite candy 🤤


Finally tried them and kids gave them a 10/10!


Freeze dried Skittles® are a revelation. Thanks for the new addiction.




From the very beginning, Annie’s Freeze Dried Treats has had a simple goal: To bring smiles to our customers faces as they try our delicious freeze dried candy, ice cream, and fresh fruit. And, to give back to the community that supports us and to glorify and honor God.