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Honey Bites

These treats are all the buzz! Enjoy our freeze dried take on Bit-O-Honey®, the classically fun honey-flavored taffy with almond bits, and enjoy savory deliciousness with an extra crunch. Gentle on your teeth.

Peanut Choco Bites

Try everyone's favorite chocolate bar filled with nougat, caramel, and peanuts with a twist. Our freeze dried SNICKERS® bites deliver that classic savory taste with a satisfying crunch. Gentle on your teeth.

Peanut Butter Nougat Bites

This old-fashioned taffy bar is as classic as it gets. Try our freeze dried bites of Abba-Zabba™, the chewy taffy bar filled with a rich creamy peanut butter center that will be sure to hail nostalgic childhood memories with each crunch. Gentle on your teeth.

Honey Nougat Bites

These treats are packed with bold flavors to satisfy your mighty sweet tooth. Try our freeze dried version of Big Hunk®, the chewy, honey-sweetened nougat bar with whole roasted peanuts. Gentle on your teeth.